Military Science Course Textbooks are now online only.  They can be found via Blackboard as well as here.  Please keep in mind that if newer of updated versions of the textbook are put out, that Blackboard will see the changes first.  

The new ebooks are now available for student download for windows and apple operating systems.  The 5 books are shared by all MS classes and take up a few gigabytes (Gb).   You can post the following instructions for student download:

Your traditional ROTC course booklets are no longer issued.  Your new curriculum is an ROTC eBook and is available online for download:

• Click on http://www.rotcebooks.net to open the ROTC website (Note: Initially you must access the ".net" site to view each eBook).  Your browser must be IE9 or higher, Firefox 20 or higher or Google Chrome. Your Compatibility View settings should be off.  To turn off compatibility view follow these steps:

• Enter the following password: MOH1LTBurke

• Password is case sensitive and must be typed exactly as shown above

• Select eBook. There will be a short delay before the book opens. (Approximately 10 seconds)

• Books are available online anytime, anywhere users have access to an Internet connection

• Users can download any eBook for offline reading (Note: Some features will not work without an internet connection)

Option One - Click/tap on the highlighted (blue) Compatibility View icon button. The icon will be located in the address bar. The icon will turn (grey) to indicate that Compatibility View is off.

Option Two - Click/tap on the Tools Menu Bar item or press ALT+T keys. Click/tap on Compatibility View Settings. Remove checkmark from all boxes. Click/tap on the Close Button.

• Open any ROTC eBook and create a new folder named ROTC eBooks in your favorites then add eBooks to that folder, this allows you to open that eBook without logging onto the .net .

To download ROTC eBooks:

1.    Click on ROTC eBooks then select Operating System (Apple or Window)

2.    ROTC eBooks should be downloaded separately (download will range from 20 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the speed of your computer processor)

a.)  Click on eBook title, i.e. Leadership

b.)  Select "Open" or "Save"

c.)  Once book has downloaded, Open download manager, Double click on eBook name

d.)   Follow prompts to install eBook

I)    Select “Run”

II)    Select “Next”

III)    Check box to accept agreement, Select “Next”

IV)    Select “Install”

V)   Select “Finish”

3.    Icon placed on desktop

ROTC ebooks are optimized to be read online on a PC or laptop through a web browser interface. For downloading, separate software plug-ins, such as a “.zip” program may be required for functionality. For some platforms downloading to a mobile device is also allowed.




REGULATIONS, FIELD MANUALS, PUBLICATIONS can be found here or at http://armypubs.army.mil/